Each facial includes an essential oil infused facial steam and soothing warm cream hand massage to induce a state of dreamful relaxation. After your treatment, our highly skilled esthetician will prescribe the appropriate home care to maintain your "dream glow."

Facials and other skin care wellness treatments help reduce stress to create healthy skin and combat the signs of aging.


Latte Detergente Viso Rivitalizzante Collagene


This Phyto Sintesi specially formulated cream removes all traces of makeup while toning and nourishing your deserving skin. 

Crema Ipernutriente Collagene


Hypernutrional Collagen Cream

With a cream collagen base made perfectly for dry skin. This will leave your skin feeling hydrated and firm.

Maschera Collagene


Collagen  Mask

This Mask will work quickly moisturizing and firming your skin. 

Crema Borse Occhi


Eye Bags Cream 

This delicate cream can help with anti-ageing and help to brighten your eyes.  

Aloe Vera Oil


This oil is perfect for applying directly to dry, sun burnt or irritated skin helping to heal and prevent infection. 

AHA Cream


This cream made of Aplha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) removes the external skin layers leaving your skin fresh and soft. 

Fiale Collagene


Collagen Vial

We like to call this Botox in a Box! With just one box you will feel the tone and elasticity of your skin improving.

Lozione Tonica Collagene


Collagen based toner, essential for completing the cleansing process. 

Crema Lifting Viso


Lifting Face Cream

Grants visible results after the first application making your skin feel soft and like new. 

Emulsione Ventre Piatto


Flat Belly Emulsion 

A Remolding cream that will help to improve the tissue around your stomach creating a slimming appearance. 

Siero Calendula


Anti-Redness Serum 

Helps to fight against overall facial redness due to fragile capillaries. 

Siero Lifting Viso


Lifting Face Serum

This special serum helps to reduce wrinkles, tone and moisturize your face.

Vita Pelle Maschera Fogli Collagene


Collagen Mask Sheets

Collagen is a natural protein produced by our connective tissue which has the important task of keeping the amount of water required by the skin. With the passing of time, the production of collagen slows causing the appearance of wrinkles. The use of these moisturizing products, such as this mask, which is a thin sheet soaked in collagen, is very important for the skin.

Let us apply in our salon while you relax, or purchase to use at home at your own convenience.

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